‘Escape’ Masters Project 2019

I like to escape. Not in a run away and hide way, but in an excited and curative way. My creative space is mine, where I recharge, where I am led by materials and am free to be an experimenter, explorer, constructer, de-constructer or simply play and enjoy the process of making something!

This collection of porcelain ceramics has evolved from my children’s doodles, through a process of geometric manipulation and on to a series of both functional and non-functional items for the home. Each piece is slightly different, as I love creating bespoke work. Even if the element which makes it bespoke is simply its journey through the process of creation. It may warp marginally in the kiln firing, or need a little extra fettling in a particular place or its glaze may react slightly differently. Every piece has it’s own unique stamp of human imperfection, which in turn makes it perfect for it’s purpose.

Escape means breaking free from confinement or control. A temporary distraction from reality or routine. In my life I have routine and responsibility as mum, wife, sister, daughter, friend, confidant and various other roles, all of which I treasure and am grateful for. Exploring creativity only enhances this. This is where my concepts and designs are formed. In that space away from the everyday routine, where I can escape the day to day and be completely immersed in innovation.

This constant journey leads to work that escapes convention in terms of shape and form and communicates that sense of ‘play’.